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About Flaming Foliage

About Me

Flaming Foliage is a small candle company in Spokane, Washington focused on unique and alluring succulent and cactus candles. Started in 2020, initially giving the candle to friends and family, slowly growing to what Flaming Foliage is today. Each candle is made with soy wax (white bottom part) with a touch of paraffin (to the plants on top), natural color dye chips and natural wood wick. 

Hi! My name is Maya and I am the creator of this colorful succulent candles. I have always made time for crafts and DIY projects, pouring candles for myself, friends and family for over 5 years. I officially started Flaming Foliage while completing my master's degree and becoming a Certified Physician Assistant. As I had moved away from home and traveled between clinical rotations, I could not keep many plants, let alone keep them alive. This way I had plants that I didn't have to water and care for!

A few facts about me

I grew up in Spokane. Go Saxon's!

I played D3 Soccer and Track

I am engaged and currently planning my 2025 wedding

We have a white and black cat, Yogi

I currently work locally as PA-C

On the weekend, I enjoy playing soccer, hiking and snowboarding  


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